Matthew Messiah Revealed1Welcome to a unique devotional. This devotional help is designed to get you into the Bible day after day getting the most from the text and applying that text to your life. Unlike most other devotionals on the market today this one is designed to take you through a book of the Bible. Instead of taking a topical approach whereby I match your need to a random text, I deal with the text and apply it to practical needs. This devotion is designed to bring you the greatest benefit from God's word by spending your time reading and re-reading Scripture with daily commentary, an eternal principle, and a suggested means of application.

Due to the fact that Christians generally use varying translations I ask you to read a certain portion of the text from your own Bible first, then I will point out a key verse in every daily reading, and will give you that verse in the New American Standard Version, used by permission. For better understanding of the Key Verse you may wish to keep your Bible open and read it in your version.

The next section of the devotional I like to simply just call my thoughts on the text. After studying it through as deeply as I know how, the thoughts presented are my understanding and application of the text to the day of its writing as well as principles if not direct application to our own day. I believe you will find this section very enlightening and will enjoy the thought process it brings you through as you meditate on the text for the day.
In every portion of Scripture I am convinced that God intends us to learn and apply principles to our lives. Over time there has been fulfillment of certain Scriptural requirements which leave us with some different applications. These things I call Eternal Principles meaning that the principle I suggest I believe applied before the text was written, it applies ever since the text was written and will apply when time is no more. In any text there may be multiple Eternal Principles and I may not have picked one you would believe would be the primary one, but I hope that my selection will be beneficial to you in your understanding and application of the text to your Christianity.

 The last section is simply a sentence to help you apply the text. Sometimes application of a text is very obvious and there are many differing ways in which one could apply it, and other times it is hard to find an application fitting for today. I have tried to give opportunities that will stretch any Christian and challenge all Christians to grow. I would be more than pleased if your reading and understanding of the text presented you with your own individual challenging application which you precede in accomplishing, but I'm sure there will be some of mine that you will find applicable.

This daily devotion will guide you through the Book of Matthew, verse by verse, building understanding and making challenging applications; while at the same time enhancing the memory to be able to recall Scripture due to intentional repetition. The intention of this devotional is that it be used with your Bible as a thought provoking device that stirs your curiosity and drives you to dig deeper to find answers to the perplexing questions that come to mind. I believe that this devotion will benefit everybody whether new to the Lord Jesus Christ or not.


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